• Laura Guenther

Come out to our Last Farmers Market!

Celebrate Fall at the Last 2019 Farmers Market!

Start the day Saturday at 8:30 am with Free Gentle Yoga Classes at the corner of Central and Hiawatha.

Since it’s the last Farmers Market it is time to stock up on some of your favorite items…

-Golden honey and candles at Raines Honey Farms,

-Golden beets, pumpkins and melons at Twin Farms,

-Jams, Honey Crisp apples and plums at Noffke Farms,

-Corn, peppers, salsa at Steven Franks Farms.

-Enjoy the many coffee creations at Percolator, and

have an autumn scone, huge cookies and coffee cake at Hilary’s Cookies. .

-Have lunch at Tamales Express with tacos, tamales, mangos, and Mexican corn. Dinner is no problem when you stop at Sausage Konig with eight different kinds of sausage, and collect a variety of ingredients for your salad at any of our farms.



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