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Edgebrook Business Survey Results

Thanks to the 278 people who took our survey about Edgebrook Businesses this past week. Here is a snapshot of the results:

Top reasons people aren’t shopping in Edgebrook:

  1. Parking

  2. Traffic

  3. Construction

  4. Not enough variety

Top things stores could do to get more business in Edgebrook:

  1. Provide easier to access / free parking

  2. Have additional stores in area

Approximately, how often do you shop in Edgebrook?

11% Daily

51% Weekly

23% Monthly

12% A few times a year

2% Once a year

1% Never

Approximately, how often do you eat at restaurants that are in Edgebrook?

1% Daily

29% Weekly

38% Monthly

24% A few times a year

4% Once a year

4% Never

How often do you walk to stores in Edgebrook?

5% Daily

23% Weekly

19% Monthly

19% A few times a year

3% Once a year

31% Never

How many restaurants do you think are currently in the Edgebrook Business District?

6% 1-3 restaurants

47% 4-6 restaurants

35% 7-9 restaurants

12% 10+ restaurants

Are you aware of the parking options behind the stores in Edgebrook?

79% Yes

21% No


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