• Laura Guenther

Twin Gardens will have Mirai sweet corn at the Farmers Market on Saturday, July 29!

Drum roll, please! Twin Gardens will have the long-awaited Mirai (ME-rye) sweet corn at the Edgebrook Farmers Market this Saturday. This delicious corn was developed in Harvard, Illinois in the early 1990s. Initially introduced in Japan, the Japanese named the corn "Mirai", which means both "the future is coming" and "taste" and was marketed as a fruit because it's so sweet. Farmers in the US are now growing this wonderful corn. At Twin Gardens in Harvard, Mirai is picked by hand because the tender kernals would be smashed by machinery. While handpicking takes longer, it allows Twin Gardens to provide us with very high-quality produce. And it's not genetically modified, either. Take advantage of this opportunity to serve Mirai corn at your next barbecue. The farmers market will be held between 9am and 1pm in the parking lot of Edgebrook school...rain or shine!


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