• Laura Guenther

Twin Garden Farms

2016 Edgebrook Farmers Market Vendor: Twin Garden Farm

George and Ruth Ahrens founded Twin Garden Farms in Harvard, Illinois, in 1954. The farm is currently managed by third and fourth-generation family members. While individuals have informal responsibilities that include crop production, wholesale and retail, the team shares responsibilities as needed. Their focus remains, as it was on day one, on quality.

In the early 1950s, George Ahrens was a part-time vegetable farmer and a part-time gravel truck driver. His desire was to be like his father and be just a vegetable farmer. George and his wife Ruth moved from Des Plaines, Ill., and bought the 200 acres on which Twin Garden Farms is today. About two years later they purchased the adjacent 200 acres and thus the name Twin Garden Farms.

Today, Centest, Inc., jointly owned by Twin Garden Farms and Mackenzie, produces and sells certified Mirai sweet corn seed through distributors in the U.S., Japan and several European countries. Production fields are inspected and certified by the Illinois Crop Improvement Association.


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