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Knock Out Pickles

2016 Edgebrook Farmers Market Vendor: Knock Out Pickles

Opportunity Knocks is the creation of Michael Carmody, a 30-year-old Oak Park resident and Executive Director of Opportunity Knocks. Prior to committing himself full-time to OK in 2012, Mike was teaching individuals in the severe and profound disabilities classroom in Oak Park and River Forest High School’s Special Education Department. He is a long-time volunteer, advocate and friend to many among the population of individuals with developmental disabilities in our community.

In 2014 they tried their hand in the artisanal pickle craft! Their recipe development and production was headed by Culinary Director, Joe Hart. Marketing, production, sales and distribution was covered by the Life Shop and After Opps Warriors Since then over 400 jars have been sold via their special events and holiday orders. In 2015 they took their pickling enterprise to the next level. Expansion of sales at OK special events to several other local festivals, began production and sales to local restaurants, and created their first partnership in May with Kinderhook Tap in Oak Park. Sales to local retail outlets including the Juice Joint in River Forest and the Sugar Beet Co-Op began in 2015.

Knock Out Pickles has three primary goals, which are: 1. To provide meaningful and gainful employment opportunities for Warriors 2. To create a sustainable enterprise that will provide a new revenue stream that will support OK 3. To make a dill-icious Artisanal pickle


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