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Christopher Burrell, Owner + Chef at Edgebrook Coffee Shop

Christopher Burrell has been cooking professionally for 35 years at properties including Crickets, Chez Paul, Indian Lakes, Lettuce Entertain You, Hilton, Hyatt among others. He was also a Chef Instructor for 5 years at Triton College and 20 years professional musician with The Four Man Band. Christopher has lived in Edgebrook 17 years and decided to take over the neighborhood business when it became available. He loves the small town feel of Edgebrook, the very friendly neighborhood and people.

"It’s nice to be able to get most everything we need without having to go to a chain store."

-Christopher Burrell

As our Edgebrook community grows, Christopher would like to see more community involvement and support. He would also like pressure from aldermen and city on property owners to lower rent to fill vacant storefronts and supports the ongoing efforts of Everyday Edgebrook.

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