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Gina Metelica, Community Member

Gina Metelica is a 24-year resident of Edgebrook. After a 36-year career at Bristol Myers Squibb, Gina retired last summer. Like many retirees, she wonders where she ever found the time to work for a living. Gina has been and continues to be a very active citizen of Edgebrook, generously providing her time, effort and leadership in several local causes, events and organizations, including the Neighborhood Connection Project underpass bricolage, Everyday Edgebrook, plantings in uptown and around the underpass and the much anticipated birth of Edgebrook’s upcoming Farmer’s Market.

Her son Stephan, a graduate of Northside College Prep, has literally “flown the coop,” (at a very high rate of speed) and is currently in training as a Navy jet pilot on Whidbey Island, Washington. Stephan married in 2014. Her daughter Katie, a gradate of Regina HS, works at Coyote Logistics and now lives in Hoboken, New Jersey and is engaged to be married in Chicago this September. As someone who is retired and loves to travel, having children in opposite corners of the country has it’s pros and cons but is not necessarily a bad thing!

What Gina likes most about Edgebrook is its small town feel within a large city. She would love to see a beautiful and vibrant Uptown and has dedicated her volunteer efforts toward that goal.

Aside from community volunteer activities, Gina is a master gardener (as described by her companion Mr. Ross), and loves to play tennis, bike ride, run(shuffle) snow ski, and tend to her family farm in Platteville, Wisconsin.

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