What is Everyday Edgebrook (EE)?


EE is an organization comprised of both business owners and community members that is focused on improving and enhancing the Edgebrook business district. 




What are the organizations goals?


EE strives to create dynamic and engaging big city, quality shopping, service, and dining experiences while preserving a small town experience for area residents and beyond.





How is EE different from other community or business organizations in our area?


EE is a merchants organization that is focused on brick-and mortar businesses in our community. We work with and complement other organizations in our neighborhood.




How do you become a member of EE?


Businesses that would like to become a member of EE pay an annual fee of $125 to join the group. Individuals can voluntarily contribute to EE but are welcome to join and participate in EE meetings and events.




Are donations to EE tax deductible?


Yes, EE is a not for profit 501c(3). 




Where does my EE individual contribution go?


EE is currently planning a number of initiatives focused on achieving our goal of having an active and dynamic downtown. EE gets no funding from the City of Chicago or other city or state funded entity therefore business and individual contributions are needed to fund our efforts.




Can businesses outside of downtown Edgebrook join EE?


Yes. Businesses that share the vision and goals of EE are invited to join.




Who is in charge of the organization?


Managing members of EE are responsible for the day-to-day and administrative functions of the organization.  Major decisions are made and voted on at monthly  meetings of all members.

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